Why Mentorship?

From time management and campaigning to fundraising and policy-making, the learning curve for anyone new to politics is steep, but for those who are starting out with no experience or connections in politics it is nearly insurmountable. For traditionally underrepresented groups—like Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, women, people of colour, and youth—there are few leaders who share their background who they can look to for guidance. When you don’t even know where to start, it makes it that much harder to ever try.

Why Nominee?

Nominee provides people (like you!) considering a run for office access to seasoned elected officials through 1:1 mentoring sessions, where you can learn from the personal experiences of folks who have been there before. And, once you’re ready to take the next step, we provide comprehensive resources and online courses on the fundamental components of running a successful campaign and getting elected.

What Can I Expect?

Casual, respectful conversations. Mentees come prepared with questions related to the goal they’re trying to achieve, and mentors come prepared to listen, give guidance, and encouragement. In the room, both of you are just people, learning from each other.

Who Are The Mentors?

Our roster of mentors represent nearly every region in Canada, from all levels of government. They have a wealth of experience and insightful stories, from what you should ask yourself before deciding to run, to mounting your first campaign, what to do when you actually get elected, and beyond.

Become a Mentor

No Time Commitment

We know that you are busy. We’ll work around your schedule and the amount of time you can reasonably commit, whether just a couple of sessions a year or several a month.

No Mudslinging

When a mentee books time with you, it’s because they respect your background, likely share it, and want to learn from you. You can expect a civil, thought-provoking discussion with your mentee.

No Recording

Sessions are off the record, and though mentees might take notes so that they don’t forget the guidance you give them, meetings are not able to be recorded.


Submit your profile information to [email protected] and we’ll follow up with you to get set up.

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