We believe the next generation of leaders is ready to step up.

That is, if they had a level playing field with equal access to tools and resources. Our platform allows for BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, nonbinary people, women, and youth to connect with seasoned candidates and political operatives in 1:1 mentoring sessions.

By the people, for the people

Nominee empowers people traditionally sidelined by politics to step up to the stage through a community of mentors and educational resources.

Two decades into the 21st century, let’s make our government reflect it.

Let’s make sure the values and makeup of our leaders isn’t rooted in those of the past. Nominee is a platform that provides educational resources to people seeking to represent their communities as politicians, operatives, or activists.

But they need more than relationships, they need resources.

Through 1:1 mentoring sessions, Nominee members gain real insight into the nuances of every step of a campaign, and then when they’re ready to take the next step, we provide written, video, and audio content to help mount their own campaign—every step leading up to and onto the stage.

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